• transaction-based accounting software

    • Unique single-file design that offers complete flexibility and ease-of-use.
    • Custom configurations for over 35 industries.
    • Manages multiple companies with one single application.
    • Yours to develop. No restrictions on custom functions and language independent.
  • real-time accounting software

    • 24/7 telephone, email, and on-site support. Never miss a deadline.
    • Single-file design with no messy modules or complicated bucket system.
    • Comprehensive audit trails and multi-level password security.
    • Install on any PC computer or server environment.

accounting software


No more waiting around. processes 20 million transactions per minute and updates them in real-time. Monitor your finances as they happen.


Use what you need when you need it. All transactions are stored in one dataset, using one format that hasn't changed for the last 30 years.


No need to learn another tool. Thousands of reports, invoices, and statements are built into , but you can customize them using Excel.

Built around a highly-customizable architecture, 's transaction-based system merges daily activities into one simple format, allowing for real-time financial reporting tailored to your company's needs. Easy to learn, painless to transition into, and bolstered by 30+ years of experience, accounting software gives your business the tools to succeed.

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